Wrap-up post

I think that my favorite projects during the semester had to of been the Photoshop and the premiere programs. They were my favorite because I can see myself using these two the most out of all the Adobe suite. It is really nice to know how to make a picture just pop out and have … Continue reading

Draft premiere video

  Time Video other 00:00:00 Blank   00:03:00 Fade from white into shot of the lake Go from sky downward 00:14:28 Pop to shot of opal street drive   00:29:21 Go to scene on the butte of Chelan   00:33:16 Back of butte   00:37:09 Pullman by Walmart Panorama 00:45:00 Columbia River Panorama Slow motion … Continue reading

Logo Final

  So after looking at everyone’s comments and thinking a lot about what could improve my design. I decided to change up the whole A logo. I put each point of my star as a separate A which I believe makes the whole design a lot cleaner. I also decided to keep the bar and grill part … Continue reading